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“The world should understand how Inuit live with polar bears”


– Iola Metuq, Inukjuak

'Nanuk Narratives' explores the relationship between Inuit communities and polar bears, amplifying the wisdom of traditional stewardship and its vital role in guiding contemporary wildlife conservation efforts. This series of short films presents a platform for Inuit voices from across the Arctic, and shifts the focus of polar bears as solely icons of climate change to symbols of a resilient Inuit culture that has thrived in harmony with this apex predator for millennia. The films are created by Inuk filmmakers, or a team working in close collaboration with participating communities. 

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An series of short films that cinematically explore Inuit knowledge and experiences with polar bears.


Inuit leadership is foundational for carrying out the Nanuk Narratives project in ways that align with community and region-specific values, priorities, and needs. Nanuk Narratives is being put together by a diverse group of people and communities crossing regions, sectors, disciplines, and cultures. 


The Inuit Knowledge and Nanuk Webinar Series explores diverse perspectives on the importance of Inuit Knowledge for wildlife management, with a particular focus on polar bears. Through the lens of Indigenous knowledge holders, social scientists, co-management experts and others, the series will delve into a range of topics, challenges, opportunities, and methods for cross cultural collaboration



This initiative spans across the Davis Strait Polar Bear Subpopulation range, including various communities across Nunatsiavut, Nunavik, Nunavut, and Greenland. 

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“Communication in the North, it’s very poor between ordinary people to the government… years and years we begging what is best for us, and we never get any proper answers, particularly for the mammals because our voice isn’t heard. This documentary, it’s the voice.””


– Iola Metuq, Inukjuak

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